My Story

My name is Kayla Degnan and I live a zero-waste lifestyle in the Berkshires.


In early 2015 I discovered minimalism as a hobby. I’d look around my room and see too many possessions that were not being used…so I began to declutter by asking myself what I really needed and before I knew it I was hauling loads of stuff into my car to drop off at Goodwill.

Two years later, I’m living in The Closet where I collect my trash in a mason jar and I’ve never felt happier. I decided to go zero-waste one day while I was collecting the mountainous recycling pile to bring to the recycling center. Before I continue, let me fill you in…

…I live with 8 of my friends in an old Victorian home and with so many people you can probably imagine that we are able to create a decent amount of trash and recycling. Our recyclables not only fill up the recycling bin far too quickly, it pours into stairwells and corners of kitchens until someone is brave enough to haul it all away.

So I thought about my contributions to both the trash can and recycling bin and wondered if I could limit or better eliminate my waste altogether. And so my journey began.

Simply Sustainable is a place for me to share my journey with you, offer tips and tricks and answer your questions about living waste-free. Join me on my adventure and find inspiration to begin your own.