6 Month Zero-Waste Update

July 1st marked 6 months of my zero-waste journey! Here’s my collection:

On the left you can see my jar, which is still far from full. On the right is all of my trash from the past 6 months!

Jar contents:

  • plastic packaging
  • plastic clothing tags
  • festival bracelets
  • sticker backings
  • produce stickers
  • diabetic needle papers and test strips
  • an old battery & it’s package

Now I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted the month 5 update, but you may notice I have less test strips and needle papers in this months collection. And no, I did not throw anything away. Instead I turned my trash into art!

I was asked by a friend and curator to submit some art into a show in North Adams, MA called Planet Waves, an exhibition dedicated to Mother Earth. Because my zero-waste project ties into the idea of leaving no trace and protecting the environment I decided to share my journey through art which could incorporate my trash.

Here’s what I produced:

Top Left: I recycled an old canvas and modge-podged receipts over it to cover up the existing paint. Then I used acrylic paint to advertise this blog.

Right: I also covered this canvas in receipts. Then I used test strips to create a border around the canvas. Needle papers became flowers. Then I used acrylic paint to make the bee and cover up the background.

Bottom Left: Again, I used receipts to cover this canvas. Then I used sharpie to create a mandala design.

I hope to continue to recycle my trash and turn it into art. You could try this out with your own trash!

Thanks for checking in on my 6 month update! Stay tuned for the next post!

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