Day 29 – Trash Walk – 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

We’ve all made it so far during this challenge, but it’s not over yet! Today I want you to go on a trash walk!

That’s the term my friends and I use when we venture out with bags to pick up trash from sidewalks, lawns and curbs.

I challenge you to spend part of your day cleaning your street! Maybe you do your yard, or your neighbors yard. You could go to a local park or take a walk around the block. Go wherever you’d like!


Go make a difference in your town today! The last time I led a group through my town we had more than a handful of people stop and thank us for what we were doing! Let’s start a movement to tidy our towns!

There’s only 1 more day left of the challenge! Remember to share your stories using #thatstrashy come back tomorrow for DAY 30!!


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