Day 28 – Trash Bins – 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

Since I’ve mentioned a few times how easy and mindless it is to throw things away, let’s make it harder to toss our trash.

Go around your house and count how many trash bins you have.

I’m going to use my mom’s house as an average example: 1 trash in the basement, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in my old room, 1 in the main bathroom, and 1 in the upstairs bathroom. That’s 5 trash bins in a single home.

Now you can imagine with so many places to trow away your trash it will evidently become more mindless because the trash bins are so accessible. If you have to walk a little forth to throw something away you may consider other options for that item.

Let’s try to choose 1 trash bin and put it somewhere in your home that makes since. For me it’s in the kitchen. Let’s see if we can go from the first picture the the second picture by practicing mindfulness and minimalism with this challenge.

Try this out and come back tomorrow for another challenge! There are only a couple days left! Once this challenge is over I’ll post my 6th month zero-waste update!

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