Day 27 – Mindfulness – 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

We’ve been over today’s challenge briefly in the past 27 days, but today let’s make mindfulness our intention.


Since our society is so accustomed to throwing away trash, we’ve lost touch with being able to live simply in an environmentally friendly way.

Today I challenge you to be mindful about what you’re throwing away and when you’re throwing it away.

When you go to throw something away take time to think about:

  • can I reuse it?
  • can I recycle it?
  • is there a way to avoid this trash? (for example: using a juicer to make your own popsicles rather than buying popsicles wrapped in plastic)
  • can I donate it?

Maybe you get through the list of questions and what you have really is trash, so go ahead and throw it away, just simply acknowledge that you’re doing it. It will be easier to plan ahead for zero-waste days and make you more aware of the trash that’s littered if you can accustom yourself to being receptive of your own trash habits.

So from here on out practice mindfulness, both in a trashy sense but also in everyday life… mindfulness of yourself, of others. Be present.

Come back tomorrow to find out what the next challenge is!


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