Day 26 – Declutter & Donate – 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

Today I challenge you to pick one room of your house and start picking through items and objects and declutter what’s accumulated!

174689563Think about what you use on a daily basis, and keep those items. If there’s something you use occasionally, questions whether you really need it. (Do you use it a few times a month, every couple months or just a few times a year?)

Make piles. Keep, Maybe, Donate, and Trash.

Take the things in your maybe pile and put them into a box to test how much you need or like them. Set a limit (maybe a month) if you don’t touch the items within your limit, donate them!

Donate anything that is still intact and usable and throw away anything that is beyond repair…the journey to zero-waste has to start with some decluttering.

Try it out pick a room a day or a room a week to go through. You could even have a yard sale to get rid of your donate pile. Share your progress with SimplySustainableSite on Instagram! #thatstrashy

See how well you feel after decluttering and check in tomorrow for another challenge!


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