Day 25 – Go Outside – 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

Go outside today! Enjoy the day and the weather! If you’re working today maybe you can go for a walk when you get home. Or plan your day outside when you aren’t working.

Here are some ideas to get you outside:

  • pack a picnic instead of eating inside for lunch
  • instead of going to a yoga class, have your own yoga session in your yard or in a park
  • go for a walk
  • ride a bike
  • visit your favorite river
  • go see the ocean
  • hike the best trail in your neighborhood
  • walk your dog, or a friends dog, or heck even a strangers dog if they say it’s okay 🙂
  • play frisbee or soccer or another game you prefer
  • do some work in the garden

Those are some options and there are many, many more. The point is, if you can spend some time outside you will 1) save money since you aren’t buying anything 2) you get the chance to enjoy the environment that you’re trying to protect by reducing your waste 3) you won’t need to throw anything away and 4) you’ll be happy.

Try it out. Take a day or even 30 minutes to go outside and just be outside without worrying or needing to rush to something else.

Share photos of where you end up with SimplySustainableSite on Instagram! #thatstrashy

We’re almost through with the challenge so come back tomorrow to see what’s next!


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