Day 24 – Shop Local – 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

We’ve covered today’s challenge a little bit by talking about going to a local farmers market. Today, and whenever else you shop, stay local!


For this challenge, the farmers market is a good place to start! You can find fruits, veggies, meats, flowers, baked goods, handmade jewelry and crafts and more!

Otherwise you can use local small shops, non-chain cafes, thrift shops. We need to work together to keep small business open. It’s getting harder than ever to prevail with big businesses constantly trying to buy out any resource they can to make themselves more powerful.

So try it out for yourself, shop local and see what you can find. Maybe you can visit neighboring farmers markets to see what they’ve got thats different from your own local market (if the next town is close enough). Maybe try to buy gifts for someone’s birthday or for the next holiday you plan on celebrating.

Try it and share how it goes with SimplySustainableSite on Instagram! #thatstrashy

Check in tomorrow for another challenge!


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