Day 23 – Cloths & Rags – 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

Today’s challenge shares the same idea of reusable napkins…using cloths and rags around the house!

Since we all wear clothes and we wash them regularly, let’s add some cloths and rags to the laundry bucket!


Replace sponges and paper towels with cloths! As long as you let your dishes soak after a meal you won’t need to scrub them too hard and a cloth is the perfect way to replace a sponge!

As far as paper towels go, you can buy reusable paper towels or ditch the marketing tactic and just use cloths to clean up any mess!

This swap will not only save you from throwing away packing and product, you’ll also get to save your money!

If you don’t have enough spare cloths at home, check your local thrift shops for towels!

Enjoy experimenting with this alternative! Follow SimplySustainableSite on Instagram! #thatstrashy

There are only a few more days of the challenge! Keep checking in daily for more tips and tricks!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sami May says:

    A great tip to check out local thrift shops! It is easy to forget that many thrift shops carry virtually any household item you can think of, and they’re a great place to find towels/cloths/rags and other reusables like food storage.


    1. kayladegnan says:

      So true! It’s easy in our culture to think of new as being better but sometimes used is more convenient! There’s too much production going on. We need less big business, more resourcefulness, and therefore less overworked and underpaid factory jobs in other countries. I always suggest thrifting first! I’m glad you’re on the same page.


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